Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Up next.... Miss Northwestern Ohio 2013

Friday night will be the night to meet my host mom for the night and get my contestant number and rehearsal for the Saturday show.  Looking forward to competing at Miss Northwestern Ohio in Defiance, Ohio.  Hometown of my mom and family all live in the area.  Hoping for a win, so I can represent the area where all my extended family live!  Wish me luck!!


1.  Chelsea Wellman - piano vocal
2.  Jessica Nelson - dance
3.  April O'Brien - Tap
4. Kara Mendez - Vocal
5. Veronica Wende - Vocal
6. Kirsten Fennig - Piano
7. Nicole Barringer - vocal
8.  Loren Baker - vocal
9. Allison Goodwin - dance -tap
10. Gabby Bailey - dance

Monday, November 5, 2012

Miss Maple City Results!!

Congrats to Jenna Depizzo winning the title of Miss Maple City 2013

1st RU - Sarah Hider
2nd RU - Allison Vance & Talent
3rd RU - Allison Goodwin

Interview winner:  Jenna DePizzo


1. Sarah Hider
2. Jessica Nelson
3.  Loren Baker
4. Anna Beckman
5.  Allison Vance
6.  Jenna DePizzo
7. Chelsi Howman
8. Sarah Clapper
9.  Allison VAnce
10.  Elena Koh

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Miss Maumee Valley Results

Congratulations to the winners last night at Miss Maumee Valley, in Maumee, Ohio

Miss Maumee Valley - Sophie Carter
Miss All-American City - Nina Haaskiivi
Miss Fallen Timbers - Mahogany Fleming

1st RU - Jenna DePizzo
2nd RU - Allison Goodwin

Talent Winner - Mahogany Fleming
Swimsuit Winner - Sophie Carter
Interview Winner - Nina Haaskiivi
Platform - Nina Haaskiivi

1.  Angela Cole
2.  Anna Beckman
3.  Sarah HIder
4.  Sarah Clapper
5.  Victoria Murphy
6.  Elena Koh
7.  Allison Vance
8.  Kirsten Fennig
9. Loren Baker
10. Sophie Carter
11.  Nina Haaskiivi
12. Jenna DePizzo
13. Mahogany Fleming
14. Allison Goodwin

Teens Pageant Results

Miss Maumee Valley OT  - Matti Chrisman
Miss Fallen Timbers OT - Shayla Thomas

1st RU - Hanna Tumbusch


1. Amanda Garlock
2. Matti Chrisman
3. Hanna Tumbusch
4.  MacKenzie Fennig
5.  Olivia Anderson
6.  Loren Kosel??
7. Shayla Thomas

Monday, October 22, 2012

UP NEXT..... Miss Maumee Valley, Miss All-American City, Miss Fallen Timbers, Plus MVOT, AACOT, & FTOT

Up Next..... Miss Maumee Valley & OT, Miss All-American City & OT and Miss Fallen Timbers & OT.  This Saturday October 27, at 7 pm at Maumee Performing Arts.......

Who is competing??  If they are giving out 3 Miss titles then they must have at least 12 contestants.

1. Loren Baker
2. Allison Goodwin
3. Kristen Fenning
4. Sarah Clapper
5. Erin O'Brien
6. Gabby Bailey
7. Jenna DePizzo
8. Allison Vance

Left from Miss Ohio last year
Alissa Brumbaugh?
Jenna Fowls?
Chelsi Howman?
Veronica Wende?
Kara Wagner?
Nina Haaskiivi??
Jena Sweigart??
Devon Stansbury?

Who has Quit competing??
I think Kristen Free & Mahogany Fleming,

Who aged out this year??
Anjelica Francisco, Tera Coleman, Ashley Warholic, April O'Brien?

Who has won new titles for 2013??
Cayla Helwarth - Miss Miami Valley
Heather Wells - Miss Montgomery Co
Layne Schneider - Miss Crystal Lakes
Samantha Hartings - Miss Lake Festival
Chelsea Aiello - Miss North Coast

Who is competing?  If they are giving out 3 Teen titles then they must have at least 9 girls competing.

Emily Tabar
Olivia Anderson

Who is left from Miss Ohio OT last year that has not won a title yet?  NOt sure if any of these girls have aged out of the teen program.
Amelia Hitchins
Abigail Kaufman
Sarah Diamond
Matti Crisman
Melanie Drews
Megan Yocum
Hanna Tumbusch
Taylor Carmer
Sicily Kiesel

Who has won titles so far this year?

Jessica Vasiliades - Miss Cuyahoga County OT
Shelby Boyd - Miss Apple Blossom OT

Monday, October 15, 2012

Miss Clayland 2013 Pageant

Congrats to MacKenzie Bart on wining the Miss Clayland title this past saturday night in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

1st RU - Allison Goodwin
2nd RU - Gabby Bailey

Talent Winner- Gabby Bailey
Interview Winner - tie with MacKenzie Bart and Allison Goodwin
Community Service Winner- Allison Goodwin


1. Kirsten Fennig
2. Jenna DePizzo
3. Anna Beckman
4. MacKenzie Bart
5. Gabby Bailey
6. Erin O'Brien
7. Jessica Nelson
8. Sarah Clapper
9. Allison Goodwin
10. Loren Baker

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Miss Miami Valley & Miss Montgomery County Pageant

This past Saturday night two new titles were awarded for 2013.  Congrats to Heather & Cayla

Miss Montgomery County 2013 - Heather Wells

Miss Miami Valley 2013 - Cayla Helwarth

1st Runner - Up - MaKenzie Bart

Talent, Interview and Swimsuit won by Heather Wells

9 Contestants:
1.  Chelsi Howman
2.  Veronica Wende
3.  Cayla Helwarth
4.  MaKenzie Bart
5.  Allison Goodwin
6.  Jessica Nelson
7.  Heather Wells
8.  Abbie Birchwell
9.  Loren Baker

Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss North Coast Results

Miss North Coast 2013 - Chelsea Aiello

1st RU - Jenna DePizzo
2nd RU - Allison Goodwin
3rd RU - Veronica Wende
4th RU - Allison Vance

Swimsuit Winner - Allison Goodwin
non-finalist Talent Winner - Anna Beckman

Miss West Central Pageant Results

Miss West Central - Kelsey Barrett, Ticket Sales & Spirit award
Miss Crystal Lakes - Layne Schneider, Interview & Swimsuit Award

1st RU - Cayla Helwarth & Talent winner
2nd RU - Veronica Wende
3rd RU - Rachel Hertenstein

People's Choice Award - Karissa Place
Ticket Sales- Kelsey Barrett
Spirit Award - Kelsey Barrett
Talent - Cayla Helwarth
Interview - Layne S.
Swimsuit - Layne S.

1.  Rachel Hertenstein
2.  Marianna Young
3.  Layne Schneider
4. Karissa Place
5. Cayla Helwarth
6. Nicole Baringer
7. Kelsey Barrett
8.  Natasha Tonneas
9. Veronica Wende
10. Dethora Hasenjager

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miss Lake Festival Results

Congrats to my friend Samantha Hartings winning the Miss Lake Festival title last night!

Samantha also won the People's Choice and Interview Awards

1st RU - Grace Stammen & OSQ Award
2nd RU - Rachel Hertenstein & Talent Winner

Commitment to Excellence - Kelsey Elben


1. Dethora Hasenjager
2. Grace Stammen
3. Kelsey Elben
4. Rachel Hertenstein
5. Rachel Lefeld
6. Samantha Hartings

Miss Lake Festival OT - Brea Anderson

1.  Bobbie Kay McGhee
2. Breah Anderson
3. Chloe Morris
4. MaKenzie Fennig
5. Patricia Dennis

The Next season has begun......

Congrats to the winners of the Miss Greater Cleveland/Miss Cuyahoga County pageant

Miss Greater Cleveland - Meggie Wittman
Miss Cuyahoga County - Kara Mitchell
1st RU - MacKenzie Bart
2nd RU - Elena Koh

Community Service Award - MacKenzie Bart
Spirit Award - Haley Sims
Lifestyle & Fitness - Meggie Wittman
Evening Gown - Mackenzie Bart & Elena Koh
Interview - Kara Mitchell
Talent - Elana Koh

Miss Cuyahoga's Outstanding Teen - Jessica Vasilades
1st RU - Sicily Kiesel
2nd RU - Erin Simonek

Spirit Award = Sicily Kiesel
Lifestyle & Fitness - 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Miss Ohio 2012

Congrats to Elissa McCracken chosen for the next Miss Ohio 2012.
1st RU - Alissa Brumbaugh
2nd RU - Anjelica Francisco
3rd RU - Kristen Free
4th RU - Mahogany Fleming

Remaining Top 10:
Cayla Helwarth
Heather Wells
Layne Schneider
Tera Coleman
Gabby Bailey


Ashley Warholic
Chelsi Howman
Jenna Fowls
Veronica Wnde
Allison Vance
Kara Wagner
Nina Haaskiivi
April O'Brien
Jena Sweigart
Samantha Hartings
Allison Goodwin
Erin O'Brien
Jessica Nelson
Chelea Aiello
Devon Stansbury

Preliminary Winners
Swimsuit - Alissa Brumbaug
Talent-  Gabby Bailey

Swimsuit - Heather Wells
Talent - Mahogany Fleming

Additional scholarships:

Jeri Waite Semi-Finalist Interview Award $500 - Anjelica Francisco
                 Non-Finalist Interview award $500 - Chelsea Aiello

Marvin Hamlish Grand Talent Award $500- Gabby Bailey

Betty & Jim Estep Classical Performance award $500- Cayla Helwarth

Non-Semi-finalist Talent Awards:  $500 ea. - Jena Sweigart & Allison Vance

Treva Campbell Non-semifinalist Classical Vocal Talent Award - $250 - Jena Sweigart

Americanism Essay Award - $250 ea. - Ashley Warholic & Allison Goodwin

Community Service Award - $250 ec - Elissa McCracken & Allison Vance

Ellen Bryan CMNH Miracle Maker Scholarship - Alyssa Brumbaugh

Mina R. O'Guinn Memorial Award - Chelsi Howman

YaYa Sisters Style Award - Elissa McCracken

Judges Award $200 - Ashley Warholic

Spirit Award - Kristen Free & Elissa McCracken

Miss America Org Scholarships:
State Comunity Service Award $1000 - Jessica Nelson
State Academic Award $1000 - April O'Brien

Kathy Black Scholarship $250 ea to Jessica Nelson & Elissa McCracken

Duke of Edinburgh Awards;

Silver Medals to Jessica Nelson & Chelsi Howman

Bronze Medals to : Kisten Free, Veronica Wende, Allison Vance, Kara Wagner, Nina Haaskiivi, April O'Brien, Gabby Bailey, Anjelica Francisco, Jena Sweigart, Samantha Hartings, Erin O'Brien, Layne Schneider, Chelsea Aiello.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss Ohio Contestants 2012

BUCKEYE FLIGHT Thursday – Talent & On-Stage Question Friday – Swimsuit & Evening Wear #1 – Miss Clayland – Ashley Warholic Hometown: Mansfield, OH School: Baldwin Wallace College Talent: Dance Platform: Creating Strong Leaders for Tomorrow #2 - Miss Ohio River - Chelsi Howman Hometown: Ashland, OH School: Ashland University Talent: Banjo Platform: Stop Bullying Now: Take a stand, Lend a Hand! #3 – Miss North Central Ohio - Jenna Fowls Hometown: Warsaw, OH School: Malone University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Dating Violence #4 – Miss Maple City - Kristen Free Hometown: Frankfort, OH School: The Ohio State University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Living as a light to the future generations #5 – Miss Mohican Valley - Veronica Wende Hometown: Lima, OH School: Hillsdale College Talent: Vocalist Platform: :”Shine On” Through tissue and organ donation #6 – Miss Huron County - Allison Vance Hometown: Mt. Gilead, OH School: Kent State University Talent: Vocalist Platform: SPARK: Suicide Prevention Awareness Reaching Kids #7 – Miss Miami Valley - Heather Wells Hometown: Warren, OH School: Kent State University Talent: Dancer Platform: Divorce Recovery for Youth #8 – Miss Mansfield – Cayla Hellwarth Hometown: Celina, OH School: The Ohio State University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Give life, give blood – The American Red Cross #9 – Miss Willard - Kara Wagner Hometown: Wheelersburg, OH School: Northern Kentucky University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Animal Rescue – “Adoption is the Option” #10 – Miss Fallen Timbers - Nina Haaskivi Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH School: Bowling Green State University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals #11 – Miss Buckeye State - April O’Brien Hometown: Columbus, OH School: Bethany College Talent: Vocalist Platform: Netsmartz: Internet Safety #12 – Miss Central Ohio - Gabrielle Bailey Hometown: Dover, OH School: Dover High School Talent: Dancer Platform: S.A.V.E – Stand Against Violent Environments CARDINAL FLIGHT Thursday - Swimsuit & Evening Wear Friday – Talent & On-Stage Question #13 – Miss Greater Butler County - Anjelica Francisco Hometown: Cincinnati, OH School: Eastern Michigan University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Women’s Healthcare: Be your own advocate #14 – Miss Lake Festival - Jena Sweigart Hometown: Celina, OH School: St. Mary’s College Talent: Vocalist Platform: Take it to the Bank – Feeding America #15 – Miss Northwestern Ohio - Samantha Hartings Hometown: Coldwater, OH School: Ohio Northern University Talent: Dancer Platform: Books for P.L.A.Y: Promoting literacy at Youth #16 - Miss Cuyahoga County - Allison Goodwin Hometown: Broadview Hts., OH School: Ohio University Talent: Dancer Platform: Live Healthy America #17 – Miss Heart of Ohio - Erin O’Brien Hometown: Columbus, OH School: DePauw University Talent: Vocalist/Ukulele Platform: Say Y.E.S.: Youth Education in Safety #18 – Miss Vacationland – Layne Schneider Hometown: Beavercreek, OH School: Ohio Northern University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Anger to Arts: Targeting Middle Childhood for Success #19 – Miss All American City - Priya Sharma Hometown: Cleveland, OH School: Cleveland State University Talent: Dancer Platform: Cornerstone of Hope #20 – Miss Greater Cleveland - Tera Coleman Hometown: South Point, OH School: The Ohio State University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Beat the Odds: Access to Higher Education for Disadvantaged Students #21 – Miss North Coast - Jessica Nelson Hometown: Toledo, Ohio School: University of Toledo Talent: Dancer Platform: P.E.T.S. – Promoting Education, Training & Safety of Pets #22 – Miss Montgomery County - Alissa Brumbaugh Hometown: North Canton, Ohio School: University of Akron Talent: Vocalist Platform: FCS for Success: Promoting Family and Consumer Sciences in Schools #23 – Miss Maumee Valley – Chelsea Aiello Hometown: Norwalk, Ohio School: Lourdes University Talent: Vocalist Platform: Donate Life #24 – Miss Crystal Lake – Devon Stansbury Hometown: Rockford, Ohio School: University of Cincinnati Talent: Dancer Platform: Angels for Animals: “Be Their W.I.N.G.S” #25 – Miss West Central Ohio – Elissa McCracken Hometown: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania School: Ohio Northern University Talent: Pianist Platform: Stop Cyber Bullying

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miss Mansfield Results

Congrats to Cayla Helwarth the new Miss Mansfield 2012, Jenna Fowls the new Miss North Central Ohio 2012 and Emily Tabar the new Miss Mansfield Outstanding Teen 2012.

1st RU - Gabrielle Bailey
2nd RU - Veronica Wende
3rd RU - Allison Vance

Interview Winner - April O'Brien
Swimsuit - Anjelica Francisco
Talent - Gabrielle Bailey
Evening Gown - Cayla Helwarth
Miss Congeniality - Alexis Lewis

Miss Contestants:
1. jelisa Barringer
2. Emalie Moyer
3. Alexis Lewis
4. Erica Travis
5. Anjelica Francisco
6. absent
7. Jenna Fowls
8. April O'Brien
9.Veronica Wende
10. Loren Baker
11.Rebecca Jones
12. Alicia Huyghe
13.Anna Beckman
14. Cayla Helwarth
15. Allison Vance
16. Danielle Hackler
17. Courtney Fraley
18. absent - ill
19. Gabrielle Bailey
20. Chelsi Howman

1. absent - ill
2. Siena Shirer
3. Amelia Hitchens
4. Brittany Abrams
5. Melanie Drews
6. Emily Tabor
7. Abigail Kaufman

Pictures to follow later.....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Vacation Land 2012 Results

Congratulations to the new Miss Vacation Land 2012..... Layne Schneider ($1500)

1st RU Gabrielle Bailey ($800.)
2nd RU - Erin O'Brien ($500)

Talent - Micheala Douglas ($400)
Interview - April O'Brien ($400)
Swimsuit - Layne Schneider ($200)

Remaining Contestants will receive $75 scholarship: Stephanie Reddaway, Allison Vance, Kirsten Fennig, Heather Isbell, Michaeala Douglas, Breanna Graham, Kayla Cyr, April O'Brien and Maria Minnick.

There were 3 contestants that didn't compete due to either illness or family emergency: Courtney Monk, Chelsi Howman & Mahogany Fleming. Hope all is well with you and your families and wish you a speedy recovery!!

Layne Schneider is a Student at Ohio Northern University majoring in Bachelor of FIne Arts, Liberal Arts. Talent: Vocal "A Change In Me"

Gabrielle Bailey is attending Kent State Unversity major in Post-Secondary Enrollment. Talent: Contemporary Dance to "Cosmic Love"

Erin O'Brien is atending DePauw University majoring in Computer Science and Spanish. Talent: Vocal performance to "Dream a Little Dream of Me" with playing the Ukelele

Michalea Douglas is a Senior at Edison Hign School and plans to attend the University of Kentucky maoring in Nursing. Talent presentation of Tap dance to "You and I both"

Stephanie Reddaway is attending the Ohio State University majoring in Science, Human Develoopment and Family Science, Talent was a dance? lipsyncinng to "Roxie"

Allison Vance is attending the Ohio State University majoring in Bachelor of Arts, Music Education. Talent: Broadway Vocal presentation of "Part of My World"

Kirsten Fennig is attending the OSU majoring in Human Resources. Talent: Piano presentation to "Maple Leaf Rag"

Heather Isbell is attending the New York Institute of Photography majoring in Pahotography. Her Talent was a vocal [resentation to "Any Man of Mine"

Breanna Graham is attending Lorain County Community College majoring in in Associate in Biology. Her talent was a Broadway vocal presentation of "Popular"

Kayla marie Cyr is attending BGSU majoring in Communications Science and Disorders, Her Talent was a dance to "Let's Go Bang"

April O'Brien is a 2011 Graduate of Bethany College majoring in Education & Spanish. Her talent was a vocal presentation to "Granada"

Maria Minnick a student at Owen Community College majoring in Special Education did a talent of modern ballet to "Everything"

Judges: Tiffany Baummmmann Cantelupe, Amanda Beagle, Dione Shawnne Oerther, Brian Marshal, Artheana Tulupan and Susan Short

Emcee's were Ellen Bryan, Miss Ohio 2011 and JacquelynNichols Yemma Miss Vacationaland 2010.

Pictures to follow......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pictures from Miss Northwestern Ohio pageant. Congrats to Samantha Hartings winning the title of Miss NWO 2012.

Loren during onstange introduction.......

Samatha after being crowned

from L-R: Kaitlyn Allen- 3rd RU & Talent Winner, Chelsi Howman - 2nd RU, Miss NWO 2012- Samantha Hartings, Chelsea Hempfling - 1st RU

me and Courtney, we will always have a special bond. Courtney let me borrow one of her crowns at sweeps, the night was specially crowned Miss Cuyahoga County 2011. I used Courtneys crown for 2 weeks, until I finally received my official crown and sash at the Miss Ohio Forum weekend from my Director. Thank you Courtney!!

mw and Samantha- we have competed together at Miss NWO the past 3 years (with the exception of this year)

me and Rachel cheering on our friend, Loren!!! Good job Loren!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miss Northwestern Ohio 2012 Results

Congratulations to the new Miss Northwestern Ohio 2012 - Samantha Hartings & Interview Winner

!st RU Chelsea Hempfling
2nd RU Chelsi Howman
3rd RU Kaitlyn Allen & Talent Winner

Pics to follow

Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Northwestern Ohio 2012 tomorrow in Defiance, Ohio

Good Luck to all the girls competing for the title of Miss Northwestern Ohio 2012 tomorrow night in Defiance, Ohio. See ya there!!

Kaitlyn Allen
Loren Baker
Nicole Baringer
Ashley Bowman - not competing
Samantha Hartings
Chelsea Hempfling
Chelsi Howman
Kara Mendez
Natasha Tonneas
Macy Weatherhead.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Miss Maple City Results....

Congratulations to the Miss Maple City winners tonight:

Miss Maple City - Kristen Free

1st RU - Camille D.
2nd RU - Alicia Huyghe
3rd RU - Kara Wagner & SS Winner

Talent Winner: Mahogany Fleming

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Congratulations to new titleholders

The new Miss Titleholders and Judges.......

Miss Maumee Valley - Janae DeLeon + Interview, Talent & SS Awards
Miss All- American City - Priya Sharma
Miss Fallen Timbers - Nina Haaskiivi

1st RU - Chelsea Aiello
2nd RU - Mahogany

Me and Heather after the pageant was over!!

My pageant besties.... Maria, Priya and Alyssa!!!

TEEN Winners:

Miss MV OT - Hanna Tumbusch
Miss AAC OT - Taylor Carmer
Miss FT OT - Sicily Kiesel

1st RU Careena Spangler

Friday, October 28, 2011

Congratulations to new Miss Clayland

The new Miss Clayland 2012 is Ashley Warholic + Community Service & Interview Award
1st RU - Cayla Helwarth
2nd RU - Alicia Huyghe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Miss Miami Valley/Montgomery County Results

Saturday Night's results are as follows:

Miss Montgomery County - Alissa Brumbaugh & Interview Winner

Miss Miami Valley - Heather Wells & SS Winner

1st RU - Courtney Monk

Talent Winner - Cayla Helwarth

Sunday, August 7, 2011

MIss North Coast Results

Priya Sharma (1st RU) me, Jessica Miss North Coast 2012, Alicia Huyghe (3rd RU)

Tonight I was crowned Miss North Coast 2012 in Brunswick, Ohio by Chelsi Howman, Miss North Coast 2011. I am so excited because I will be competing for Miss Ohio 2012 next June 2012!!

Congrats to my Court:
1st RU - Priya Sharma
2nd RU - Chrissy Porter
3rd RU - Alicia Huyghe
4th RU - Mahogany Fleming

SS Winner - Mahogany Fleming
Non finalist talent winner - Kayla Bayliss

Congrats to all the girls for a great day of competition and hanging out and having fun. Also to my friend Loren Baker who made her first debut in competing today. I am so glad you were here to share this with me. I am so proud of you, you did a great job!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tonight Miss WCO/Lima pageant

Congratulations to Miss WCO 2011 - Elissa McCracken + Talent winner

Congratulations to my Roomie- Miss Crystal Lakes 2011 - Devon Stansbury

1st RU & Interview winner - Kirsten Fennig

2nd RU & SS Winner - Samantha Hartings

3rd RU & People's Choice - Mindy Fetzer

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miss North Coast Saturday Night

Saturday Night 12 contestants compete for the title of Miss North Coast 2011... including me.... Good Luck everyone and see ya there!!

Chrissy Porter
Education: St. Marys of Notre Dame / Broadcast Journalism
Pageant Past:

Allison Vance
Education: Ohio State University / Music
Talent: vocal
Platform: Suicide Prevention Awareness
Pageant Past: recently competed at GC/CC and a couple time last season

Ashliegh Jarzenski
Education: Ashland University / Digital Media & Journalism
Talent: dance
Platform: Habitat for Humanity
Pageant Past: recently competed at GC/CC and a few times last year, including this pageant

Loren Baker
Education: University of Toledo
Talent: vocal
Platform: Arts in Schools
Pageant Past: n/a

Alicia Huyghe
Education: Cleveland State University / Dance & Exercise Science
Talent: tap dance
Platform: “CUE: Children Understanding the Environment”
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Heart of Ohio

Mahogany Fleming
Education: University of Toledo / Pharmaceutical Sciences ?
Talent: vocal ?
Pageant Past: none found

Jessica Nelson
Education: University of Toledo / Pre-Veterinary & Biology
Talent: dance
Platform: P.E.T.S. Promoting Education, Training & Safety
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Cuyahoga County

Heather Isbell
Education: New York Institute of Photography
Talent: vocal
Platform: “Never Give Up!: Encouraging Youth To Pursue Their Dreams”
Pageant Past: competed in a couple pageants last season; National American Miss and community queen festival experience

Pyira Sharma
Education: Ohio State University, graduate; Cleveland State University, Masters / Occupational Therapy
Talent: Bollywood dance
Platform: Promoting Cancer Research & Awareness
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Huron County

Haley Sims
Education: 2011 North Royalton High grad; University of Cincinnati / Nutrition
Talent: vocal
Platform: Healthy Habits & Personal Fitness
Pageant Past: competed at Miss GC/CC; Miss North Royalton 2010 (non-MAO)

Amber Galloway
Education: 2011 Brunswich High grad; University of Akron
Talent: vocal
Platform: Preventing Child Abuse ?
Pageant Past: competed at Maple City last year and community teen pageants

Kayla Bayless
Education: University of Akron / Political Science & Pre-Law
Talent: baton
Platform: Anti-Bullying Awareness
Pageant Past: twirling pageant participant

Miss West Central Ohio Friday night

8 Contestestants competing for 2 titles at Miss WCO/LSF Friday night

Mindy Fetzer
Education: University of Akron
Talent: dance
Pageant Past: has competed in this pageant the past couple years; Jr. Miss experience

Tanya Korte
Pageant Past: none found

Devon Stansbury
Education: University of Cincinnati / Psychology & PR
Talent: dance
Platform: "Angels for Animals," Be their W.I.N.G.S.
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio as Miss Lake Festival and Miss Mohican Valley

Nicole Baringer
Education: Ball State University / Spanish & Theater
Talent: vocal
Platform: Girls, Inc.
Pageant Past: n/a

Kirsten Fennig
Education: Celina High School, 2011 grad; Ohio State University / Human Resources & Psychology
Talent: piano
Platform: American Red Cross
Pageant Past: recently 2nd RU at Miss Lake Festival; competed in a few Miss locals last year, and Teen locals previously

Elissa McCracken
Education: Ohio Northern University / Pharmacy
Talent: piano
Platform: Internet Safety
Pageant Past: earned Non-semifinalist Talent, Community Service & P.H. Spirit Awards at Miss Ohio 2011 at Miss Lima Square Fair; Non-semifinalist Interview award at Miss Pennsylvania 2009 as Miss Greater Johnston; competed at Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen 2008

Alana Richardson
Pageant Past: none found

Samantha Hartings
Education: Ohio Northern University / Pharmacy
Talent: dance
Platform: Books for PLAY: Promoting Literacy...
Pageant Past: competed at this pageant last year; teen experience